Sound that is potentially annoying, which travel outdoors reaching sensitive premises, is covered by the environmental noise field. The sources of noise are varied and the circumstances where noise is received can also be complex. Particularly frequent cases of environmental noise sources observed in the urban scenario are:


  • Car noise from motorways or other main roads
  • Railway noise
  • Aircraft noise
  • Helicopter noise
  • Boat/vessel noise
  • Logistic operations, loading/unloading events

Construction Noise

  • Construction equipment (excavators, rollers, dozers, cranes, concrete plant, etc.)
  • Laydown areas
  • Generators, hand tool operations
  • Reversing alarms
  • Vehicles accessing/leaving the site

Entertainment Noise

  • Crowds in outdoor areas in bars, pubs and restaurants
  • Crowds in large sporting and music events
  • Music from bands or DJs inside licensed and music venues
  • Theatres, outdoor cinemas, amphitheatres, council events

Mechanical Plant

  • Air conditioning units of houses or offices
  • Chillers, compressors and extraction fans of commercial premises
  • Ventilation systems in underground carparks, tunnels
  • Electric generators, pool pumps, workshop dust extractors, garage doors
  • Carwash facilities, vacuum cleaners

Domestic Noise

  • Music instruments
  • Parties/celebrations
  • Home workshops
  • Home theatres or hi-fi systems
  • Pets

Other Applications

  • Mining noise
  • Oil and gas facilities (exploration, processing and distribution)
  • Electrical distribution equipment (substations, transformers)
  • Industrial premises.

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