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Acoustics Consultants Australia staff have successfully undertaken and delivered numerous road, rail, aircraft and shipping noise and vibration assessments. Our experience includes road/rail traffic and aircraft noise intrusion assessments in relation to small development applications for individual residences, to leading the noise and vibration scope of services required throughout the planning phases for design and construction of large and complex transport infrastructure projects.

Managing the potential noise impacts from transport infrastructure projects is a statutory requirement and must be given due consideration during all project stages to minimise impacts on the environment and preserve the levels of expected amenity for residential and other sensitive receivers located close to the transport corridor.

Acoustics Consultants Australia has a detailed understanding of the regulatory framework, state policies and guidelines for the assessment of major transportation projects and have proven experience in the modelling and measurement techniques and project management skills required for successful project delivery.

Our experience has included leading Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) noise and vibration assessments for major road upgrades involving major bypasses to identify properties for consideration of government acquisition, development of noise mitigation strategies including in-corridor treatments, e.g. barrier designs, low noise pavements and façade upgrade treatments for residences. Additionally, we are experienced in the undertaking of rail noise and vibration studies and impact assessments and the assessment of noise generated by ports from shipping activities.

Featured Project | Brown Street, St Peters, NSW

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ACA conducted an aircraft noise assessment for the proposed residential development on Brown St, St Peters.  The assessment was undertaken following the methodology described in Australian Standard AS2021, in reference to the 2039 Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) for Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport. The assessment quantified aircraft noise exposure levels for the site and determined the amount of Aircraft Noise Reduction (ANR) required by the building to minimise impacts. Recommended noise control measures were then identified to achieve satisfactory internal design sound levels, based on the proposed architectural design.

Specialist Advice

Contact us for assistance with:

  • Operational noise from roads (motorways, arterial routes, sub-arterial routes or other roads)

  • Noise and vibration from rail infrastructure (passenger and freight railway lines, stow roads, level crossings, depots, passenger stations)

  • Intelligibility and sound distribution assessment of PA announcement systems in passenger stations and halls

  • Aircraft / helicopter noise

  • Port noise (shipping routes / vessel noise)

  • Transportation noise modelling assessments

  • Transportation noise and vibration compliance monitoring assessments

  • Noise mapping and land planning assessments