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Occupational Noise 

Occupational noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a significant compensatable industrial health matter in Australia which results in substantial economic costs.

Exposure to excessive noise also entails largely unrecognised costs to organisations due to increased employee turnover and absenteeism, lowered performance and potential accidents.

In addition to the economic cost for employers, NIHL imposes a burden on health and social services, and the Australian economy as a whole.

The national standard for exposure to noise in the occupational environment is an eight-hour equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level of LAeq,8hour, 85dBA.

For peak noise, the national standard is a C-weighted peak sound pressure level of LC,peak 140dBC.

Acoustics Consultants Australia can assist with occupational noise assessments for a variety of industries.

Featured Project | Commercial Bakery, Occupational Noise Assessment, Adelaide, SA

  • Environmental - Occupational Noise Consultant

ACA staff undertook an occupational health and safety noise audit at a large commercial bakery in South Australia.  A series of noise measurements were undertaken throughout the factory floor to develop noise maps of the site to identify areas where operational noise levels remained below, approached or exceeded national standards for exposure to noise.  The findings were used by the management to identify areas on the factory floor where the use of hearing protection should be mandated.

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