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The mining and resources sector require the use of plant and equipment items capable of generating high levels of noise and vibration which in many cases operate on a 24/7 basis to optimize throughput.  Often these sites are located in remote environments with low background noise levels and are located in the vicinity of scattered rural dwellings of small townships.

The challenge for operators of these sites is to maintain operational efficiencies whist managing impacts on communities in accordance with their licence conditions.  A dynamic and proactive approach is often required to manage impacts as operational requirements vary over time, or as activities are relocated around various parts of a site, or as the effects of metrological conditions change. 

Acoustics Consultants Australia staff have in-depth knowledge and track record in mining and resources sector noise management and assessment, from concept planning stages through to compliance assessments for approved operations on sites throughout Australia. 

Our staff have provided significant technical inputs on various projects including sites operated by Hancock Prospecting (Alpha Coal, Kevin’s Corner), Arrow Energy, Holcim, BHP, MMG Rosebery, Wollongong Coal and Whitehaven Coal.

Our inputs assist the operators of mining and quarrying sites, optimize their operations and processes whilst maintaining on-going compliance with their environmental obligations.

Featured Project | 30Mtpa Coal Mine, Galilee Basin, QLD

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ACA staff undertook the environmental noise and vibration assessment for a proposed open cut coal mine, that would produce 30 million tonnes of thermal coal for the export market annually for 30 years. The mine is situated in central Queensland. The noise study was carried out as part of the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment.

Noise and vibration emissions from construction and mining operations were assessed.  These being generated from the operation of mining equipment, onsite coal handling and preparation plant and train load out facilities.  Additionally, air blast overpressure and ground vibration impacts from the use of blasting explosives were assessed. 3D environmental noise models of the site were prepared to evaluate noise emissions over several kilometers and under various prevailing meteorological conditions.

The closest potentially affected receivers are existing homesteads in the surrounding vicinity of the mine, where background noise levels are low due to the rural environment.  Long-term noise monitoring was undertaken at these localities to evaluate their existing acoustic environments.

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