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Construction and demolition noise can have adverse effects on the community if construction activities are not appropriately managed, with due regard to the timing and duration of the works, the locations and sensitivities of receivers located in the vicinity of work sites, the construction methods applied and optimisation of acoustic shielding.

Construction noise guidelines are intended to manage noise and vibration effects from construction projects. These make proponents accountable for their environmental performance, by ensuring that construction noise is assessed, planned and managed in a risk-based manner within a framework to drive construction practices that minimise noise impacts on the community. This includes credible community engagement and transparent justification of proposed impact mitigation measures.

Acoustics Consultants Australia staff have significant experience in construction and demolition noise assessment. Our experience includes construction noise assessments in relation to small development applications for individual residences, to leading the noise and vibration scope of services and providing inputs required throughout the planning, design and construction phases of large and complex transport and infrastructure projects.

Our inputs assist developers balance the needs of infrastructure delivery, whilst managing the environmental impacts on affected receivers.

Featured Project | Equinix Icon, Shenton Park, WA

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ACA was engaged by Icon as Principal noise and vibration consultant to oversee the delivery of a new datacenter in Shenton Park, WA. Part of ACA’s scope was to undertake detailed assessments of the potential noise and vibration impacts at various phases during the construction of the new facility. This included installing vibration loggers within an existing neighbouring datacenter to monitor continuously for vibration levels that may have adverse impacts on the sensitive equipment/computer servers within the building. ACA was responsible for managing the data / alerts and providing regular vibration monitoring reports as required by the project’s Conditions of Consent.

Our staff have provided lead roles and technical inputs on various construction projects including:

  • New South Wales: Sydney Metro, Sydney CBD Light Rail, Parramatta Light Rail, Newcastle Light Rail, WestConnex Enabling Works, NorthConnex, Transport for NSW Station and Commuter Carpark Upgrades, University of Sydney campus upgrades and University of NSW campus upgrades.
  • Western Australia: Perth Stadium Railway Duplication and Pedestrian Bridge, Equinix PE3 Data Centre, One Subiaco Development, Forresfield Airport Link, Nicholson Road Railway Station, Claisebrook Railcar Stow Roads and Perth Airport upgrade.

Specialist Advice

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  • Construction noise and vibration impact assessments

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  • Vibration monitoring

  • Out of hours works approvals

  • Construction noise and vibration control mitigation strategies

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