Building Acoustic Services | Industrial Developments

Industrial Developments

Acoustics Consultants Australia staff have successfully undertaken and delivered numerous industrial design projects. 

Our experience includes:

  • Metal manufacturing sites
  • Maintenance warehouses and workshops
  • Recycling or “container for change” depots
  • Waste treatment sites
  • Transportation depots and workshops

Featured Project | Joest Industrial and Office Building

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  • industrial development 02
  • industrial development 10

ACA provided acoustics advice for the design and documentation of a new purpose-built facility for manufacturing of mining vibrating screens. The site had to be designed to mitigate noise breakout to surrounding areas, vibration control from the large vibration screen testing beds and fitout of the company offices built under the same roof.

Specialist Advice

Contact us for assistance with your building acoustics industrial developments. We provide specialist advice to identify and meet:

  • Noise breakout control to the environment
  • Installation of vibration highly-sensitive equipment (laboratory equipment, precision scales or similar)
  • Acoustic separation and finishes requirements
  • Mechanical noise treatment

We can also assist with testing of airborne or impact noise transmission for:

  • Compliance and commissioning testing

  • Noise break-in or break-out issues

  • Vibration issues