Building Acoustic Services | Commercial Developments

Commercial Developments

Acoustics Consultants Australia staff have successfully undertaken and delivered numerous commercial building design projects. Our experience in building acoustics commercial developments include:

  • Retail and showroom buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Medical practices and consult rooms
  • Child care centres
  • Office buildings
  • Art studios
  • Broadcasting buildings
  • Dog kennels or daycare
  • Hotels
  • Age care accommodation
  • Indoor leisure centres
  • Gyms
  • Educational buildings
  • Function centres
  • Places of worship

Featured Project | iFly Perth


ACA conducted a noise investigation at the iFly Perth building to reduce noise levels in the atrium level. Noise measurements of the mechanical noise generated during the operation of the vertical wind dome used for flying were undertaken and closely analysed.

Sound transmission testing of the building floors was also conducted to identify noise reduction opportunities within the building structure.

Specialist Advice

Contact us for assistance with your building acoustics commercial developments. We provide specialist advice to identify and meet:

  • Speech privacy requirements
  • Noise breakout control to the environment (plant rooms, crowd, sports, gyms and cross fit operations, entertainment noise, etc)
  • Noise intrusion control from external noise and vibration sources (road, rail, industrial, aircraft, etc).
  • Installation of vibration highly-sensitive equipment (laboratory equipment, precision scales or similar)
  • Patron amenity and comfort
  • Acoustic separation and finishes requirements in fitouts
  • Mechanical noise treatment
  • Planning and building permit approvals

We can also assist with testing of airborne or impact noise transmission for:

  • Compliance and commissioning testing

  • Defects

  • Noise break-in or break-out issues

  • Vibration issues